Public Bidding

In 2006 Panama took a significant step in assuring that public tenders be managed in the most transparent and fair matter, the enactment of the Public Purchasing Act, skyrocketed a whole new profitable segment for companies and individuals to offer goods and services to the Panamanian Government.

The rules are simple, all purchases undergo an administrative procedure which is aided by the electronic means, resulting in swift and fair adjudications to the best bidder. The State and its institutions cannot arrange for a tender without provisioning the funds and personnel required to see it through. Public acts are notified, and carried out through a dedicated internet portal.

Each government office is entitled to submit request for tenders, and an administrative entity named the National Public Purchasing Directorate, oversees compliance with the Law. In addition, a guarantee in the form of an independent Administrative Tribunal was also created.

Notices and service of process is carried out online, and procedural terms are short and fatal, making litigation in these entities exiting but burdensome, requiring constant attention.

Our firm serves as counsel for several clients who actively partake in public biddings, successfully providing results to their claims and protecting their rights under a fair competition system. Our practice advises and assists clients in tenders both big and small, undertaking your projects as our own.

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